COMMANDO Multi-Function Multi-WAN Wireless LAN Controller with Gateway
Multi-WAN Wireless LAN Controller, 1000 Access Point, 1000 Wired Users, Gateway, 16G SSD, DDR3 2G RAM, VPN Management, Load Balance Function, Manage FIT AP, CAPWAP


AIR-CT1000+GW are a middle size Enterprise Wireless LAN Controller plus Gateway based on CAPWAP protocol. With Intel CPU, Multi-Gigabit-WAN ports up to 4, with Load Balance, Ethernet backup and Ethernet Superimposed functions, Together with Smart QoS, User Behavior Management, VPN management, VLAN Management, and Build in different Firewall,

AIR-CT1000+GW can access into 1000 end users, then supply high speed, high stability and high security Ethernet to them, it is widely applied to middle size enterprise, hotel, shopping mall... AIR-CT1000+GW are a professional WLAN Controller based on CAPWAP protocol, it can manage max 1000 Fit Wireless Access Point in connected Network or remotely, greatly to save the setup, configuration and maintenance cost. Besides that,

AIR-CT1000+GW can access into cloud server, if work as a bypass controller only, administrator can access into the GUI to do maintenance in any place and any networking.

AIR-CT1000+GW work as enterprise gateway also, very easy to post advertisement and captive portal authentication like Google Login, Facebook Login, SMS Login, Member Login... More professional and enhance the brand effect.

Product Features:

Centralized Management for Wireless AP

Zero Configuration or Device Group: Add one Zero Configuration group before power on wireless AP, then AIR-CT1000+GW will assign configuration data to wireless AP automatically based on group’s configurations Or set up different groups in the whole networking, then AIR-CT1000+GW will assign configuration data to the wireless AP under each group automatically.

Smart Channel Analysis Tool: In order to select the best channels for wireless AP, AIR-CT1000+GW build in Smart Channel Analysis, help to detect and analysis the wireless channel in the surrounding environment.

VLAN Management: AIR-CT1000+GW support VLAN management, it can trunk the VLAN ID from VLAN switch, then allow the WLAN controller to manage the wireless AP under VLAN switch.

Assign IP address and Centralized Configure data for Wireless AP: Build in DHCP Server in AIR-CT1000+GW, so it can assign the IP address for wireless AP automatically, avoid IP conflict and save human cost. Centralized to configure the SSID, password, channel, RF Power, Reset, Reboot...

Multi Gigabit WAN with Load Balance Function

AIR-CT1000+GW support PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP/PPTP access, work with different ISP and max 1000 end users can access into it. It with multi Gigabit WAN ports up to 4, support load balance to avoid bandwidth overload, or recover the dropped networking line to ensure the whole networking smoothly

AIR-CT1000+GW support Ethernet Line backup and Ethernet superimposed to keep Ethernet normal in faster speed always. Besides that, it support policy-based routing function, administrator will set the network based on IP/MAC/Domain/Interface policies.

Powerful Firewall Function

AIR-CT1000+GW support multiple firewall: port mapping, IP filter, URL filter, MAC filter, DMZ to prevent the network storm, ARP attack and supply a stable, safety networking for end users.

User Behavior Control

AIR-CT1000+GW will detect the network packet, then full block P2P Software like Utorrent, Bit Torrent, PPlive, QQlive, eMule etc... AIR-CT1000+GW can divide the network behaviors such as web browsing, uploading and downloading files, P2P behavior, online games, IM chat, Email transceiver to different user and different department, to retain more bandwidth for business applications.

Smart Flow Control

Based on the IEEE 802.11e standard, it provides basic Quality of Service (QoS) features to end users according to IP/MAC address, Besides that, it can control the flow after set priority for instant messaging service, download, video or office.

Cloud Server Access for Remote Management and Captive Portal

AIR-CT1000+GW support cloud server access no matter it work as gateway or controller, then administrator can access into AIR-CT1000+GW Web Interface from cloud server to do monitoring and maintenance in any place with any Internet. Besides that, when work as gateway under cloud server, AIR-CT1000+GW support local authentication and remote authentication, especially captive portal authentication like Google Login, Facebook Login, WeChat Login, SMS Login...


Part Code AIR-CT1000+GW
Managed AP QTY max 1000 FIT Wireless AP can be managed; 1000 concurrent users recommended
Interface 6*10/100/1000M RJ45 ports, 2*USB 2.0 Ports
Size 440mm x285mm x 44mm
Power supply 100-240V~50/60Hz
Working Temperature:-20℃~55℃
Storage Temperature:-40℃~70℃
Working Humidity:10%~90% RH No condensation
Storage Humidity:5%~90% RH No condensation
File Name File Size Download
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Step by Step Firewall Configuration 100KB Downaload
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